Counselling and Professional Centre

The aim of the Counselling and Professional Centre is primarily to remove barriers encountered during the study to support personal development and increase the employability of students in the labour market.

All services are free of charge to students, prospective students, recent graduates and university employees.

Our services

Psychological counselling

Qualified psychologists help clients to find solutions to difficult situations such as personal, family,partnership or study problems. They also help clients with self-development using their own potential and self-knowledge. For more information about psychological counselling click here.

Study counselling

Through out this service, students get the opportunity to develop their study skills by practising working and learning strategies. The aim is to teach students how to think about learning, how to avoid unnecessary difficulties in their studies and how to be able to cope with different situations.

Career counselling and coaching

Career counselling offers support in choosing a career and field of study, planning and managing the career or dealing with obstacles to career development. It can help, for example, with orientation on the labour market, with a CV consultation or a motivation letter. If clients want to actively address their (not only) professional life or want to achieve their goals, they can use coaching. In this process, they can find and develop a most suitable solution for them taking into account their abilities, skills and values.

Students with specific needs

Special attention is paid to students with learning disabilities, physical or sensory impairments, mental illness, autistic spectrum disorders or any chronic somatic illness that affects the study. Such students are provided with services leading to the modification of the study, i.e. adjusting the conditions so that as many barriers to study as possible are removed.

Seminars and workshops

Throughout the academic year, the Counselling and Professional Centre organises a lot of personal and professional development seminars that can help students or staff to evolve the most of their abilities and realise their life goals. All seminars and workshops are provided in Czech language.


In cooperation with Masaryk University and the Brno University of Technology, the Mendel University Counselling Centre co-organises one of the largest job fairs for students and graduates – JobChallenge. The fair brings a wide range of opportunities beneficial for career growth, such as personal meetings with employers, sharing business experience, workshops or talk shows with prominent personalities from the world of work.